Pinhole camera Retro - Red
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Woodsum Pinhole Camera is a wooden, analog film camera that is assembled by each user. 

For ease of use, Woodsum uses 35 mm film which is the most common type of film.

Woodsum Pinhole Camera is a wooden, analog film camera that is assembled by each user. 

For ease of use, Woodsum uses 35 mm film which is the most common type of film.

The retro design along with the analog concept enhances the value of the product and is a perfect gift for those who love photography. 

We use high quality wood for each part and finish it off with UV coating to give it a premium feel and so that everyone can enjoy the experience of assembling this wooden pinhole camera.

Woodsum is best for those who are seeking for a new hobby. 

Enjoy your healing time with this fabulous camera and create your own value 

as you experience the charm of engaging in this creative activity!

We received a gold medal in the furniture category and in the Toy/Game category

 in the 2016 Pittsburgh International Inventions and was recognized for product value.

A pinhole camera is an analogue camera that allows you to take a picture through a small pinhole instead of a lens. 

You cannot expect a clear picture as you would from a digital camera, but you can enjoy the “nostalgic aesthetics” 

as you can take pictures by adjusting the amount of light on your own.  

This data may vary slightly depending on your specific situation, 

so please just refer to this as a rough guideline and adjust accordingly! 

Main Target : Those who “enjoy assembling and prefer a unique product that is worth keeping.”

Assembly Time: 1 hour to assemble for adults (can differ per person)

We have obtained KC, the Independent Safety Certification for Industrial Products,

and also have the CE mark, which is the safety certification in Europe.

In addition, it is a safe product that has passed the EN717-12004 test

which is a formaldehyde emission test for the export of wood products to Europe.

We also have our own factory in order to product high quality products, 

and also have the ISO9001, which is the international standard for quality management system. 

I’m sure you’ve assembled a DIY product and then end up leaving it in storage or even throwing it away when moving. 

The reason why the things you’ve made with so much effort get discarded so quickly is probably due to the product's low quality, 

lack of utility, or it simply becomes too much of a hassle to use.

WOODSUM’s wooden assembly kits have continuous utility and also has value as an interior accessory

We created it to be a high-quality product by manufacturing each part with luxurious wood and by applying a UV coating on the surface. 

Unlike other wooden assembly kits, WOODSUM has a retro design with an analogue concept, 

making it great as an item to show off during usage as well as decor for your home. It will certainly be worthy to keep after assembly. 

WOODSUM’s pinhole camera is even more precious because it is assembled by you!


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